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Your Greatest Wealth


Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. The Truth about Life
  2. The Best Things in Life are Free
  3. The Kingdom of God is the Richest Enterprise
  4. The Selling Comes First
  5. How to Invest in the Kingdom
  6. You have the Keys
  7. A Brand New Beginning
  8. Practical Faith
  9. How to use Newstart to Become a New Star
  10. How to Secure your Wealth
  11. Unveiling your Greatest Wealth
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About The Author

Asenath is a Christian lawyer, lay preacher and singer. An avid Bible student, she is also committed to Christian service and is passionate about embracing a simple but healthy life style.

She is a wife and a mother to four daughters and a mentor to several young people. Asenath believes in the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Her aspiration is to be ready for the soon return of Jesus Christ and to prepare others for the same. She enjoys jogging, reading, praying, singing, preaching and writing.


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